Second Intensive 5-day Meditation Retreat 

with Professor Steven Laureys & Lama Zeupa


Monday 12 till Friday 16 July 2021

in the beautiful Yeunten Ling, Tibetan Buddhist Institute

Numerous neuroscientific and clinical studies have shown

the benefits of meditation on the brain & body.

Steven Laureys and Lama Zeupa help you to start your own journey in an exceptional 5 day meditation retreat.

NEW via Zoom  book now

Online presentation by Professor Neurologist Steven Laureys

Open to all who are interested in the extra possibility to follow the introduction to this meditation retreat  and witness an interaction between Professor Laureys and Lama Zeupa,
based on recent experiments in UZ Liège 

on Monday morning 12 July, 10 to 12 am 

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“Meditation aims precisely at softening the mind and rendering it more manageable, so that you can choose to concentrate or to relax, and most

importantly to free yourself from the tyranny of torments and mental confusion.”    

From ‘The no-nonsense meditation book' , Neurologist Steven Laureys

" Whoever dares to let go naturally becomes a kind, gentle person, and greatly increases the chance that others will behave just as warmly.

The opposite of letting go is holding, keeping, possessing, a behavior that is close to addiction. Holding on often prevents the much-needed

renewal or regeneration in your life."

From 'Lâcher prise pour trouver le bonheur' or ‘ Loslaten om gelukkig te worden’ , Lama Zeupa 

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   Retreat 2: Monday 12 July (10:00) till Friday 16 July 2021 (17:00)


   Introduction by Prof. Steven Laureys (first day at 10 am)

   Meditation guidance & practice with Lama Zeupa and Professor Steven Laureys (10 am & 3 pm)

   Yoga with Karma Chookela every morning 7 am & afternoon 5 pm

   Guided silent walking at 1 pm


      château du Fond l'Evêque, 4 promenade Saint Jean l'Agneau, 4500 Huy

Price alle inclusive

     790 € lodging in studio with private bathroom (740 € if you attended the first retreat in June)

     714 € lodging in single room, with shared bathroom

Limited number of studios!

 Application form

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* Signed copy of 

      “Lâcher prise pour trouver le bonheur” or ” Loslaten om gelukkig te worden” by Lama Zeupa (not available in English)

      “The No-Nonsense Meditation Book: A Scientist's Guide to the Power of Meditation” by Steven Laureys (in English, French or Dutch)

* Single studio with terrace and private bathroom
   or Single room with terrace and shared bathroom

* Buffet of healthy vegetarian meals (take away & open-air eating facilities) 

* Spacious meditation hall of 600 m2

* 13 hectares of peaceful wood & flowered park area for meditative walks 

Language       English (translation French & Dutch available)

Important recommendations

* If you can commit to an intensive experience, you are welcome to apply for this retreat. 

Avoid unnecessary talking and use of social media during you stay.

* Personal interviews possible on demand.

A few impressions of the first 5 day meditation retreat in June.

Odoo CMS - une grande photo
Odoo CMS - une grande photo

Neurologist and top doctor Steven Laureys has been doing pioneering research into human consciousness for more than 20 years. Now, together with international

colleagues, he and his team are studying the effects of meditation on the brain. Neuroplasticity is a term that reflects the fact that the brain can change dramatically

through specific training. For this purpose he placed the brain of Lama Zeupa under his scanner. This meeting opens exciting perspectives for a sustainable


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Since 1993, Lama Zeupa has been teacher in Yeunten Ling. He comes from Sikkim, on the border with Tibet. He completed his long training with the three-year retreat at Sonada Monastery,

near Darjeeling. In 2013, he accepted the spiritual responsibility of our Institute. Lama is known as a meditation expert, with  compassion, wisdom, discipline and an open mind

The relationship between body and mind has been his focus for many years. 

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Karma Chookela comes from the Himalayan region of India. She is a yoga teacher and a graduate of three prestigious international yoga schools in India - hatha yoga, ashtanga

vinyasa, pranayama - as well as a yoga therapist. Her experience and teaching attract many practitioners of all levels, including other yoga teachers looking for improvement.

Her approach combines tradition and modernity. Her aim is to share her experience in an accessible way, so that the discipline of yoga and its benefits enable practitioners to find

balance in their daily lives.